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On this page I put my own songs for listening, which I made with Magix Music Maker. I now have MM 7 and 24 GB Music-Pool-files. My songs are in mp3 format und you can play them with Winamp, Real Player or MS Media Player. You can also download them with a right mouse click. (Also available on CD :-).)

Furthermore I provide some very good songs in the formats mod, mtm, xm, s3m a.s.o. for download. To play them you need also winamp or modplayer. And now... turn up the bass!

Playlist of my files: Band: NOVA

The following lists contain the songs. Use the Player to listen to them.

My music files are licensed under a Creative Commons-license.


Here comes the King 27 MiB

Sonstiges 7 MiB

Neues 2004/2005 24 MiB

The best of

The following files are zipped in ZIP-archives per type. The followings lists contain the music file type and the file size in MiB.


mod 1,87


xm 1,02


s3m 1,27


mtm 0,30

K. Koch - a class of its own

k. koch 1,84